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Our Team

Dina Tadros – Principal

Dina is a graduate of the University of Sydney, holding both Bachelor of Laws and  Bachelor of Commerce Degrees. Since her admission to practice in 2002 Dina has developed her experience and skills as a Lawyer, driven by her desire to achieve at a high level and to positively impact the lives of others.

Dina founded DINA Lawyers in the knowledge that many in the community have unfavourable preconceptions about the role of Lawyers and with the aim of providing excellent service which would help to overcome such preconceptions.  In recognising the impact that being involved in legal matters and Court proceedings can have on the wellbeing of her clients, Dina seeks to alleviate any stress through her diligent and strategic work.

With a focus on advocating on behalf of her clients to obtain justice in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner, Dina combines her empathy, knowledge, and expertise to achieve the best possible results for her clients.

Upholding that warmth, transparency and collaboration should be key pillars of legal practice, Dina always seeks to ensure that clients are kept up to date and satisfied, but most importantly, that their best interests are paramount. Dina is an all-round general practitioner and has extensive experience in many areas of practice, including Family Law, Commercial Law,  Criminal Law, Deceased Estates, Property Law, Migration Law and Employment Law. With such a diverse practice Dina is able to provide a depth of sound advice and service with a view to achieving favourable outcomes. With a wealth of experience and drive, Dina has successfully advocated for clients facing a myriad of problems, and her all-round legal skills have enabled her to personally conduct most matters from start to finish, no matter what direction the matter may take.

Family Law is a particular area of interest for Dina. The need for sound advice and guidance following the breakdown of personal relationships is essential, and the issues that arise can develop into complex litigation, requiring engagement in Dispute Resolution processes and in some cases, the intervention of a Court. Family Law matters sometimes include the appointment of Independent Childrens' Lawyers, and agencies such as the Department of Communities and Justice. Dina’s extensive exposure and experience in Family Matters ranges from negotiating straightforward agreements to lengthy proceedings in the Family Court of Australia, and has provided her with the skillset and experience required to assist with all types of family matters. 

Dina has conducted litigation in several jurisdictions, including the Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court representing clients in matters such as debt recovery, crime, defamation, employment law,  Probate and claims against deceased Estates. 

Maria Linkenbagh – Consultant

Maria has practised as a Solicitor for over 50 years and has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in many areas of the law. As a Solicitor in general practice in both city and regional areas, she has advised people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, and appeared as an advocate before many different Courts and Tribunals. Her manner and personality, developed over years of interviewing clients and ensuring that their instructions are fully understood, mean that Maria has the ability to relate well to clients from all walks of life. Her written communication skills are highly developed and she is in demand as a writer for drafting  and editing documents of all kinds.

Maria has held an appointment as a Judicial Registrar in the Industrial Relations Court of Australia and appointments to various State and Commonwealth administrative bodies, as well as acting as a Conciliator with the Workers Compensation Resolution Service and Registrar of the Veterinary Surgeons Board. She is also an experienced Mediator.

Now semi-retired, Maria provides Consultancy services to DINA Lawyers and spends time doing volunteer work.

George Takla – Operations Manager

With a combination of leadership skills and administrative experience, George is a central figure in the firm who is responsible for the management of our operations.

George prides himself on his attention to detail, organisation and ability to communicate with clients and stakeholders.

With 13 years of experience in the Australian government sector, George gained expertise, analytical and organisational skills, which, combined with his ability to adapt and innovate, have driven and guided the firm through a period of exponential growth.  By always going above and beyond, George provides strong support for our Solicitors and ensures a high level of client satisfaction with the services provided by the firm.

Joseph Awadalla - Paralegal