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Drink Driving Lawyers

In Australia, drink driving is viewed as a serious offence. Depending on various factors, the penalties for driving while intoxicated vary, from a fine and mandatory disqualification of your driver’s licence, to imprisonment.  The first step towards a drink driving charge is usually a preliminary breath test, conducted at the side of the road, as part of a random check or following an accident.  The police will test whether there is any alcohol in the driver’s breath. If the driver fails the preliminary breath test he or she will be arrested and made to undertake a breath analysis test. If the reading is confirmed, consequences including instant disqualification of the drivers licence., impounding of the vehicle, and commencement of Court proceedings may follow.

For any person facing a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol, or any other traffic offence, the outcome may be life changing, especially where the person requires a driver’s licence for work. In this situation, you will not have to face the consequences alone; DINA Lawyers are a team of highly experienced drink driving lawyers who have a comprehensive understanding of traffic and criminal laws and how they are administered in NSW Courts. They are therefore ready to help you with a personalised strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Traffic offences are among the most common offences dealt with by the Courts in Sydney, so if you are charged with a traffic offence you are not alone. Traffic offences are serious, and are always treated as such. However, it is not uncommon for any individual to make an error which leads to being charged with a traffic offence.

If that happens to you, consulting DINA Lawyers will ease your mind, knowing that they have the experience and knowledge to present your case in the best light and minimise the consequences for you.

The law does not require drivers to drive to a standard of perfection, and recognises that accidents and unexpected situations do happen, allowing for a range of penalties. DINA Lawyers are traffic offences lawyers with experience in representing drivers charged with all kinds of driving offences, including speeding, negligent driving, driving under the influence and many more. It is important to obtain legal advice and representation because the outcomes can be life changing. DINA Lawyers strive to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. Being convicted of a traffic offence can cost you not only your licence, but your reputation, your job and your freedom. Speak to one of our Drink Driving Lawyers today.

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