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When you need legal advice in any circle of your life, talk to the experts. DINA Lawyers pride themselves on being compassionate, understanding and professional with all clients. Whatever your issue, let us make things clear and simple.

Our team have broad service areas covering a wide range of potential conflicts and complications in areas of law such as Family Law, Criminal Law, Litigation, Family provision and contesting a Will, Commercial Dispute, Debit recovery. As experienced lawyers we know the formal disintegration and construction of legal relationships can be difficult for all parties.

We pride ourselves on providing each client with the counsel they need not just to resolve the issue but to grow as a person. DINA Lawyers provides a number of Arabic speaking family lawyers to help bridge language and cultural gaps.

Whether you need a pre-nuptial agreement, advice on the complex process of adoption, or are navigating a divorce, annulment or separation, we can help. Our experienced and educated lawyers can help with any issue. We only employee experts who can quickly and efficiently get any conflict or issue on the road to resolution.

Get the help you need from Lawyers you can trust

Across Sydney and whatever the issue, DINA Lawyers are there. We aren’t just family and divorce lawyers. Whether it’s an immigration dispute, a criminal matter or a conveyancing question, we can help.

We have broad service areas ensuring that there’s always a DINA Lawyer with the answer to your question. We can help any business – of any size – truly take off, or offer you help growing your property portfolio. We can give clients advice on navigating a path to permanent residency, or to a stronger and leaner company.

Our lawyers understand that Australian and New South Wales law can be hard to navigate, so we provide a single place for you to have any questions answered in the language of your choosing. To find out how you could be living a better life, get the advice you need to live it. Contact the legal experts at DINA Lawyers on 02 8850 7646. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry through on online form.

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