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Divorce Lawyers

A Divorce is the legal end to a marriage, with either party having the ability to make the application for divorce. Although some reasons for separation leading to divorce are more common than others, family law is a hugely complex area that requires expert knowledge of multiple different fields. Therefore it is crucial that experienced family lawyers are used to ensure a fair and just outcome for all parties involved when going through the tough times associated with divorce.

DINA Lawyers are experienced divorce lawyers located in Baulkham Hills.

They understand how important is it to be able to act quickly, efficiently and sympathetically when family is involved and are aware of all the pressures and emotional stresses that can arise during these difficult times. The highly regarded team of family lawyers at DINA Lawyers are divorce lawyers in the Sydney suburbs that you can count on to guide you through the process of divorce. As part of a firm that offers a full service, they can advise on and finalise all aspects of the divorce process, including; adoption, parental rights, binding financial agreements, property transfers, financial settlements and all other issues which may arise. DINA Lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable lawyers that you can rely on. They have helped clients from across the Sydney metropolitan area and particularly in Western Sydney.


It is not uncommon that during the breakdown of a relationship someone can feel threatened or fear for his or her safety. The availability of a Domestic Violence Order (DVO) can protect against the possibility of harm without creating a criminal record. For more information on how this process works, speak to DINA Lawyers Sydney, who are expert DVO and divorce lawyers.

Adoption is a long and complicated process that many families find challenging. There are many different situations which may arise where child arrangements need to be made. DINA Lawyers are experts regarding the legal issues relevant to children, including spousal/child maintenance and support. We understand the emotional strain placed on the children, and work to ensure that arrangements for the adoption and Guardianship of children are settled with the best possible outcome, as quickly as possible.

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